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 Manos Unidas is a multicultural cooperative based organization that strives to enearth the common strengths and innate skills of our under heard community through shared biligngual resurces, empowerment ventures, living arts, cross cultural organizing, and cooperative ecomomy initiatives. We aim to use popular education to create a network of mutual aid while encouraging civic engagement and workforce readiness in Western Massachusetts. Working alongside low income, immigrant, youth, and differantly abled community citizens, we are unfolding a culture of "Beloved Community" (MLK Jr.) while crossing borders of race, class, culture, language, ability and belief hand in hand. 



Often, Manos Unidas, has had the role of founding, planting, and supporting nascent grassroots projects that are still in their fledgling years, until they are mature enough to fly on thier own.  These can remain as subsidiaries of Manos or become their own entity. Two projects of Manos are nearing that pinnacle: FRONTERAS COMUNES BI-LINGUA ZINE, and WOMAN WEAVING WORLDS COLLECTIVE.  These two subsidiaries will be creating there own websites soon but here's a jumping off point for you to start learning about the cool things they have planned these next few months!!


Where do all these awesome projects get started?? Manos Unidas holds a weekly meeting in downtown Pittsfield, MA. This is where our UP COLLECTIVE (Underheard People) meets! This meeting supports individuals as they dialogue, brainstorm, and delve into their own untapped potential to release thier inner genius. We'll warn you that all sorts of out of the box ideas start coming into view: Ideas that will improve the lives of ourselves, our families, and our community! THANKS FOR VISITING OUR SITE AND SUPPORTING US IN OUR WORK!!


Performing at the Colonial Theater, Christmas Carols in Espanol!

Worker's Day, every year! (usually May 1rst!)

Join us next year in the center of Pittsfield, MA !

Just a few of our amazing woman from Woman Weaving Worlds!

Clothing Drive at Potluck Thirft Store ! 

 Madre Tierre Comminity Garden

Woman Weaving Worlds Hosts a Workshop in the Women"s Writing Worlds Festival !

Ladies of Common Fronteras

Summer Potluck, June, 2014! Next one, July 25th: Springside Park, Pittsfield, MA

Join us!

Working hard to open Potluck Thift Store

A nascent cooperative business! 

Common Borders/Fronteras Comunes

Bi-lingual People's Green Zine

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