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Common Borders Bi-lingual Green People's Zine



Many transitions, transformations, and seasons have seeded a blossoming new vision for our Zine, Common Frontiers. Not only are we the first bilingual zine published in the Berkshire Region (and now nearby Pioneer Valley!!) but we are raising consciousness of ways in which we can all hold hands, so to say! Yes, guard well our human chain in service to the Earth, live sustainably, and live in peaceful coexistance. Although named Common Borders, the term borders implies divisions, and while we celibrate the differences that make us unique creations, we don't want to put up borders that prevent us from sharing and celebrating the ways in which we can use these differances to collectively  create something new and beautiful.


Frontiers edge the unknown, something yet to be explored, which we explore together, collectively, ultimtely finding a way to peacefully co-exist. Our intention is to be alternative green minded zine that is of the people, for the people and by the people. In these pages you will find real people with real stories and real struggles. We welcome you to be part of this new collective media exploration by writing, creating, arting, sharing your story and joining your hands with ours. ALWAY FORWARD!! Written collectively by Anaelisa Jacobson, and Indigo Flying Crow. 


Just released is our Winter Edition 2015: Solidaridad/Solidarity. Read it as a pdf by clicking on the link to the left. Last fall's zine, our Special Women's Issue can also be read as a pdf.  See our sub-page: Delivery Sites to see where you can pick up your own personal copy!







Winter Solidarity Issue just released! Read Me on-line! Click on the PDF below! Included in this issue is a shared bi-lingual resource directory! Don't forget to check out our poets and visual artists featured on our two page art spread!! We are featuring Karlisima, an amazing Salvedorian Artist!

 Click on the PDF links below to read Fronteras Comunes Winter or Fall Editon Online!