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Become a Member! Members become apart of 3H, Hands Helping Hands Alliance. Members enjoy the benefit of mutual support to fulfill thier aspirations! Manos will try there best to support members as they need: connecting them to other orgs., accessing funding options for nascent ccoperative businesses, ensuring members are adequately fed and clothed, through peer counseling, resume building, stipends for volunteer positions open and so much more!! 



VOLUNTEER!! We have many positions open!!  This site will soon post all positions open. We strive to stipend members who are volunteering.  We also partner with local colleges and welfare agencies so that students and individuals can gain credit and qualifying incentives for all work done! STAY POSTED for positions! 


Our organization is solely supported by private doners, members contributions, grants, and sponsors. WE CAN'T DO OUR WORK WITH OUT YOU!! We have not-for-profit 501c3 with the state of Massachusetts. We will get you the paperwork so your gift can be tax deductible! We our currently filing for federal status as well! We should have federal status by the end of the year. 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE/SPONSOR ANY PROJECT PLEASE email us; We will be adding a safe way for you to donate on-line on this stie via paypal but it may be a few weeks (we are learning hands on about web-sites. Thank goodness for WIX, so user friendly )


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